Young Doctors—-Not too young to kill


   Will somebody answer to the question that who is responsible for the deaths of more than 41 children in biggest and most facilitated city of the largest province of the country?. The grievances of the doctors might be genuine or not genuine but it has nothing to do with the innocent children and their lives. Does it happen in any civilized society that the doctors are not attending the emergency patients which come to hospital with the last hope to save their lives. 

Hapless Patients

Someone is having terrible kidney pain, someone is going through the agony of heart attack, someone may die due to rupture of appendix if not operated on emergency basis. There are elderly people, there are pregnant women, there are little angel like children.    

Young doctor caught

The doctors who are considered to be most highly educated and respected persons are not expected to behave like savages. Most savage scenes have been witnessed in the hospitals and one of the scenes is that doctors slapped a pregnant woman and dragged her out of stretcher. In another incident a senior doctor was threatened with death if he continued to check the patients in emergency.  For God’s sake what education have they been receiving in their institutions which has transformed them in to savages.  “You are devils not doctors, how many babies will you kill”, it was the desperate voice of the mother of a dead baby.

 Helpless Patient

It is general indifference and apathy of the Punjab rulers that they have waken up so late and taking sluggish action against the crooks. Now with the loss of so many innocent angels are not we inviting the wrath of Almighty Allah? If we kill our own children, will the Almighty reward us?

Plight of Women Patients  

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