One Wheeling – The Death Game

In my good old student days when I passed my matriculation exam and got admission in the college my dad sent me some money from overseas to buy the new bike, I was overjoyed to have my first Honda 125CC. In the frenzy and excitement I used to zigzag on the roads and that too very slowly and with utmost care that no vehicle was coming behind me and my friends and elders were too much worried over this habit and they always censured me for this bad habit. Whoever saw me doing this always disapproved this because this was considered very dangerous and risky act at that time. This is another account that how I got a small accident on Mall Road which proved to be a blessing in disguise for me and I gave up over-speeding and zigzagging as well.
one wheeling in Lahore
Now this was the time of the end of 80s when there were no traces of deathly game of one-wheeling in whole Pakistan. This deathly practice came into fashion some 5 to 7 years before and this practice has killed many young boys as a consequence. Many mothers have lost their sons.

This is a big question mark. There is not a single person or stakeholder responsible for this. Starting from Parents, government, law enforcement agencies, society and environment, Illiteracy and bad company are all the valid reasons for the development of this deathly sports.
Most of the one-wheelers don’t belong to good academic institutions and have not crossed the matriculation and Illiteracy is playing its role.
Parents and especially the fathers of many one-wheelers are outside of the country and there is no check and balance on them and they have lot of money to spend on this activity.
One Wheeling in Lahore
The environment of homes and their upbringing is being done on a wrong level, Parents themselves have no time or interest to save their sons’ lives by preventing them from this deathly activity.
Government is engaged in politics and grouping games to prolong their rule and has failed to devise any strong policy to abolish this activity.
There are rules in documents but they are not implemented. Police plays the role of silent spectator and does not nab the boys before their ultimate end comes (Death).
The unemployment and lawlessness in the country has frustrated the youth and they are losing faith in their good careers and they don’t eventually make efforts in positive side.
There are many other reasons which can be dug out from our society. But let’s think what boys get from this activity.
Actually it’s the desire of being appreciated and do something extraordinary which instigates them to perform tricks on roads while risking their life. When they don’t see any opportunity to exploit their talents they turn to this deathly sports for attracting admirers.

They actually know that one who sees them will never encourage this and will not appreciate them but they are venting out their frustrations and attracting people towards them.
The desire to excel over others and making oneself prominent is another driving factor.
This for sure can be stopped and prevented if Government, Law enforcement agencies, society and more than all the parents play their effective role. Let’s pray for the abolition and elimination of this death game before it’s too late and more young lives go towards death.
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