Water Conservation Methods in Urdu

Pani Qudrat ki aik boht azeem Naimat hai. Pani Zindagi hai. Allah Pak Quran e Majeed main farmatay hain kay  “Hum nay har jandar ko pani say paida kia”. Duniya kay boht say Ilaqon main peenay kay pani ki bay had qillat hai, khas taur par hamray Pakistan kay Sindh kay ilaqay jaisay kay Thar jo pichlay kutch arsay say khabron ka markaz bhi bana raha pani ki shadeed qillat ka shikar raha aur boht si jaghon par to Insan aur Janwar akathay pani istimal kartay hain. Cholistan aur Thar kay ilaqon main logon ko kai meel chal kar pani lana parta hai. Pakistan kay shahri ilaqon main halat qadray bahtar hai aur hum logon ko Allah ka bay had shukarguzar hona chahiyay aur Pani ko Zaya karnay say parhaiz karna chahiyay.

water-conserve Wasting the water has been considered among the serious sins in Islam. There are many ways by adopting which we can conserve the water:

1- Saving the water in Toilets:

While Bathing we should avoid keeping tap open to save the water from going waste. The leaks should be checked. To check the leak put some food color into your toilet tank, it should not seep into the bowl and should be flushed with water smoothly but if it is not the case there must be some leakage which should be fixed to save the wastage of water.

water conservation

2- Dual Flush System:

The dual flush toilet is a good idea. Better use half flush for liquid waste and full flush for solid waste.

3-Water Sense Shower Head

Using a water sense shower head can also help save up to 750 gallons per month.

save water

4- Teeth Brushing

Many people are habitual of keeping the tap open while brushing teeth, this is a big reason for waste of water so better avoided to save at least 800 liters a week in a family of four to five persons.

Water Saving

5- Instant Water Heater

Installing an instant water heater near the kitchen sink can give instant hot water and you don’t have to run and waste a large amount of water before it heats up, moreover it also saves energy cost.

water ratio

6- Right Washing Machines

While choosing washing machines for your home, choose the one which is an energy smart model which can help in saving 20 gallons per load.

7- Right Use of Water

Washing Cars and pavements is not legitimate use of water which is meant for day to day use only.

8- Plant Watering

If you have plants in your lawn or home then it’s a good idea to spread organic mulch to help them preserve moisture which will eventually help in saving time, water and energy.


9- Washing Vegetables and Fruits

Don’t wash vegetables and fruits under an excessively flowing tap of water; rather use a pan of water.

10- Overflow Float Installation and Maintenance.

The float in your overhead water tank should be serviceable all the time. Ensure its proper maintenance and checkup.

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