Valentine's Day is celebrated across the world on every February 14 and on this day gifts, love notes, flowers, chocolates, hearts etc are exchanged between loved ones. The day is named after Christian martyr named Valentine who was against the law made by King of that time. King was against the marriages of soldiers and Valentine secretly used to marry the young soldiers to their loved ones and when King came to know about this he gave his death orders. It is traditionally a day of celebrating love and affection between lovers.
A few years back this event was unknown in the sub-continent and in countries like Pakistan but today our homeland is deeply influenced by events like Valentine's Day and every year this day is celebrated with great enthusiasm by youngsters and teenagers. In Pakistan from last few years this day is celebrated with more passion and energy than our Independence Day, or any other important historic day. Teenagers of modern era are much captivated by the Western ways and have started giving more preference to celebrating these kinds of events. Valentine Day in Pakistan is complicated as some people think that event like this is against our culture whereas there is another category who believe that this day is a day of expression of love and should be celebrated.
Unfortunately our society has created an image which is identical to the West. The trend of celebrating this day is seen more among the students of colleges and university. In all these activities they waste their precious time and their studies suffer. The late night chatting, texting, dating is not good for them. Most of them get more and more sleep deprived and their health is also affected.
It's not just the youth which should be blamed but the businessmen and shop owners who are just after the higher revenues. Different companies, restaurants, shops etc are offering exciting packages and attractive red color wrapped gifts items ignoring the fact that they might be influencing our youth in a negative way. The cost of such gifts, flowers, cakes, deserts is much higher than the normal. Restaurants, markets, shopping mall are decorated according to the theme of Valentines in order to attract the customers.

It is the responsibility of the parents, teachers, the authorities to ensure that the youth is not getting involved in any of the such activities which are influencing them in a negative way.







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