Useful Health Tips for Healthy Life in Urdu

Remaining healthy and choosing healthy foods, adapting healthy routines and keeping yourself optimistic about life are the main guidelines by choosing which you can expect to live happy and smiling.

Zindagi main muskarana, khush rahna aur khush rakhna boht zaroori hai. Aap ki family, aap kay dost aap say achi umeed rakhtay hain.

Achi khorak ka matlab yeh nahi kay aap Mcdonalds, KFC ya mahngay mahngay khanay khayin, achi khorak ka matlab yeh hai kay aap ki khorak aisi ho jo aap ko woh sub kutch day sakay jis ki aap kay jism ko zaroorat hai.

Neechay di gai aadatain apna kar aap apni zindagi main boht si masbat tabdeelian la saktay hain.

drink enough water

1. Drink a Glass of Water in the Morning

Drinking water early in the morning activates the internal system of the body which becomes somewhat sluggish due to the sleep at night.

sleep enough

2- Sleeping Adequate

Lack of sleep makes tired and angry, you lose your concentration so enough amount of sleep wakes you up

fresh and active. Lack of sleep is not good for your heart too.

happy man

3. Stretch in the Morning!

Instead of dosing in the morning, you can use your morning time more wisely. You should stretch your back, your legs, your neck. Stretching in the morning increases the blood flow to your muscles providing an extra shot of oxygen and preparing them for a new day.

healthy snacks

4. Eat Healthy Snacks

French fries, salted nuts in the sachet, candies, cookies and other tasty stuff are surely unhealthy for your body. They contain lots of fat, salt and sugar. You should instead choose raw nuts, fresh fruits or berries; they are rich in vitamins and minerals.

breakfast in pakistan

5. Don't Skip Breakfast!

Breakfast is certainly the most important meal of the day, especially for those who seek losing weight. If you miss or skip it, you'll soon start feeling hungry much before lunch and will start snacking on foods that are high in fat and sugar, but low in vitamins. Taking daily breakfast saves you from heart troubles and diabetes.

morning walk6. Take a Daily Walk

Taking a walk daily in the morning is more advisable than to start your day without any excercise. You are more prone to gaining weight if you skip the daily morning walk. A walk after the night meal is also recommended for taking you to bed with a good working stomach.

7. Develop Social Connections.

Lonely people are more likely to become ill and die younger. People having no friends are more stressed, depressed and often less physically active.

study ingredients you consume8. Study Ingredient Lists of Your Favorite Food Products.

Products' ingredient lists are very important as they show you whether the food you're about to buy contains healthy or unhealthy ingredients. Know your food before consuming it because there's a saying "You are what You Eat"

playing cricket9. Indulge in New Activities!

Pick up a new activity and also involve other family and friends and go on hiking, group sports, skiing or riding a bicycle. Finding a good hobby can give you the enjoyment and reduce your stress level. Remember – happy people can expect to live longer!

Woman eating apple10. Love Your Life!

Relax! Take a deep breath. Don't get nervous and angry because of the trivial things. Don't be too much serious. Smile, love others, and always look on the positive side of life!

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