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Urdu Totkay for Sugar Patients

Diabetes which is commonly known as Sugar or blood sugar. Its medical name is Diabetes Mellitus. In this disease a person usually have high blood sugar. The reasons can be that the body is not producing sufficient insulin or because the body cells are not responding to the insulin produced by the pancreas. The symptoms are the excessive and frequent urination, increased thirst and ravenous hunger.

There are three main types of diabetes:
Type 1 diabetes: It affects the body because the body is not producing insulin required in sufficient quantity and is known as diabetes mellitus. It wholly depends upon the insulin and the patient injects the insulin to meet the deficiency.
Type 2 diabetes:  This type has resistance to insulin and the body cells are unable to use the insulin in a correct manner. It has sometimes complete insulin deficiency.
Gestational diabetes: It usually occurs in pregnant women and comes before the type 2 Diabetes.
There are other types of diabetes mellitus which include congenital diabetes caused by the genetic disorders of insulin secretion, Cystic fibrosis-related diabetes, steroid diabetes etc.
All types of diabetes can be treated by medication and can easily be controlled but the final cure has not been found yet. Pancreas transplantation were tried but results are not satisfactory. Gestational diabetes normally is cured after the delivery.
Diabetes can be controlled by diet control, exercise and healthy lifestyle.  Ease loving and sedentary life style and intake of excessive sugar and rich diets without proper exercise can become the cause of developing the diabetes. Mental stress and genetic disorders are also other reason behind this disease. The disease causes the body weight to reduce to a great extent and if not treated properly it can become the cause of many complications and risk like heart attack, loss of limbs due to non-recovery of injuries which is also due to high blood sugar.
A healthy lifestyle with balanced diet and stress free life is always helpful to avoid the disease or to maintain and control it.

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