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The right of women violates in the rural areas, under age marriage is one of them. Frequently, victims of under age marriage girls get assaulted by their husbands and the in laws.

Above posted story narrates that the parents of a under age married girl bring their daughter to the famous dispensary; the girl was unconscious and faded.

The doctor left all his work and immediately paid his attention toward the girl, as the girl was doomed.

The parents were continuously asking the only one question to the doctor, Mr. Doctor, will she be fine?

Doctor assured them everything will be okay and he gave her an injection and started inspecting her, upon completion of full check up, the doctor asked her parents to bring her back to the home and advised them many precautions. The parents left the clinic shuddery.

The doctor and the other patients were watching the whole scene very compassionately. One patient couldn’t resist and she asked the doctor, what happened with the girl.

Doctor described with the grievance that the girl was the victim of under age marriage, she fainted but her in laws didn’t pay any attention to her, when the parents saw the condition of the girl they couldn’t impede to bring their child to the hospital and they borrowed money for her treatment.

Doctor further added that there’s something wrong with the system, people they don’t get married they buy slaves, and he wished if he could do something to change the trend.

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