TV Cooking Shows – A valid pastime

I was quite overjoyed when I came to know about the start of cooking programs on TV. Cooking has been my hobby for last many many years. I am known in my family for quality cooking and often I am requested to cook by my cousins and close relatives to cook on family get together (By the way I never charge anybody for this) because it’s my hobby and my cherished pastime not my profession.
I was impressed by a TV Program named as “Masala TV” and only another program which was of value to me is “ARY Zauq”. I used to sit for quite a couple of hours in these busy times before the TV watching my favorite cooking shows.  Chef Gulzar, Chef Mahboob, Chef Zakir, Chef Shai or Shaey I don’t know how to spell it but She is so superb a chef and expert in presentation.  I have noted many recipes from these wonderful chefs but I want to share only one at this time with my honorable readers:
Chef Gulzar
My Favorite Recipe:
One of the recipes I remember I share with you. It’s a simple Full roasted chicken in yogurt. Ingredients are simple. As follows:
One Chicken in Full (Salam)
One KG yogurt                  
Cardamoms Brown           10 Nos.
(Bari Ilayichi)
Cloves (Long)                   8 Nos.
Black Pepper                    Two teaspoon full
Salt                                   As per taste
Cinnamon (Dar Chini)       4 medium size pieces
Dry Pepper Mint               One tablespoonful
(Khushk Dhania)
Vinegar                            1/2 cup
Cummin Seed ground       1 tablespoonful
(Zeera pisa)

Cooking Oil                       250 ML


Take full Chicken and pierce it with a fork and also give small cuts. Soak it in Vinegar and leave it for 30 Minutes. Grind the Cardamoms (but don’t make it powder like), put small quantity of water in yogurt and beat it until its smooth. Put  all the spices (including black or red Chilies depends on your choice) in the yogurt. Also put cooking oil in the yogurt and mix it well and then tie the legs of chicken so that it may not break apart with some thread and put it in the yogurt in same pot and marinate it well with it and then put that pot in the refrigerator. (All the work has to be done in the same pot) after two hours take it out from the fridge and put on the stove on high flame, after 10 minutes lower the flame and start pouring yogurt mix spices liquid on the chicken with a large spoon and also change its sides after 5 minutes’ interval. When the gravy and chicken is golden brown  take it down from the stove and eat fresh with Naans and green salad.

So that was about the recipe but one thing I want to share that I still like these programs but I also think about the budgetary conditions of the poor how they can afford to make daily new dishes so I request to all cooking shows management to teach people to cook low cost and simple meals.

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