Tug of War – A healthy and interesting game in Pakistani Culture


Tug of War is no doubt a very healthy and interesting activity as far as games involving the challenge to human strength are concerned. This game is a test strength and vigor and promotes stamina and strength to human body.

Tug of war is mainly associated with educational institutions and their sports departments and with armed forces and other military and civil departments and private companies. It is not a game which is played at street or mohallah level like cricket or hockey. In education institutions of both boys and girls it is played with enthusiasm especially at their sports events and annual functions. It is also played throughout the year as a regular sports activity in schools and colleges.

Game Rules: There are two teams in it comprising eight persons each and they should be of equal weight class. The rope should be of approximately 11 centimeters wide. The rope contains a marking in the center and two marks at each end of about four meters of the center line. When the game starts the center line should be above a marking on the ground and when the competition begins both teams try to pull the rope so that the marking on the rope must cross the center line. It is a foul to sit on the ground or fall down while pulling the rope. The lowering of elbow below the knee level during the pull is called Locking which is a foul. The rope should be kept under the arms all the time.  The ground should be softened to facilitate the game.

In many countries there are clubs for both men and women to play the game. It was included in Olympicgames from 1900 to 1920 but it was struck out and has not been included since then. There is a world level association called TWIF (Tug of War International Federation) which organizes the world events and tournaments.

In Pakistan it is also played among the sports wings of Pakistan Armed Forces and Soldiers display their vigor and strength by playing this game. Unfortunately there are not much efforts on government level for the promotion of this game but it’s a good sign that still it’s a part of regular sports events of different government and private educational and other institutions.







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