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Shoulder pain is very common disease and may occur on the top of the shoulder or may be on the front or the side of the shoulder.


Shoulder pain can be caused by any severe condition that involves the shoulder joint or any disease or the bones surrounding the shoulders. The soft tissues and sensitive nerves that supply sensation to the shoulder area can cause the pain.

Osteoarthritis can also affect shoulder joints but mostly it affects hips and the small joints of the hands. Broken bone or facture may become the reason of shoulder pain.


It is mostly diagnose by the pain of the soft tissues of the shoulder, because of this pain person can’t move the shoulder easily. Some symptoms are also important like inability to carry objects or use the arm and inability to raise the arm.

Shoulder pain occurs at night or while resting and persists beyond a few days. Swelling or significant bruising around the joints or arms is also experienced by the patients.


The treatment of the shoulder pain includes the use of anti- inflammatory medication like acetaminophen or Aleve or Motrin. Drugs like muscle relaxers and Antidepressants also may be helpful. Surgery such as pendulum exercise is also suggested for some severe shoulder problems.

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