Thin Air Writing – Your Phone is your Pen and Air is Your Whiteboard


Wouldn't it be a great innovation if you could write a note in the air and have it securely stored where you could find it later? Someday very soon you may be able to do just that with your cell phone.

Duke University Researchers have created what they have named it as "PhonePoint Pen" that can use a modern cell phone's built-in accelerometer to sense your writing in thin air, and then immediately send a note to a predefined e-mail account. There are still some issues or bugs to solve, but the researchers have this notion they've proven that the idea really works.

Most people use sticky notes, yellow stickers type note chits to remember the things and paste it on their computer screens in routine and while walking outside if they need to write something they have to look for a pen or have to open the SMS facility of their phone to write a draft but with this facility they will just place a finger and thumb on the front and backside of their phone and they will write something in the air and it will be converted to text and saved and sent to an email or designated place.

The people who are used to keep forgetting things will enjoy this facility and they will keep on writing in the air about their daily to do things.

Cell Phone Accelerometer Detects Movement of Pen

Accelerometer is the feature that allows an image on the screen of an iPhone to change between portrait and landscape formats as soon as the phone is rotated.

The accelerometer of the cell phone would trace the movement of the pen, and then by pressing a button the  writing would get e-mailed to the designated mailbox.

Your Cell Phone as the Magic Pen

Nokia donated Cell Phone in the research which got results that Phone started recognizing the alphabets with the movements. Initially the problem is that the letters are too big but its enough that a person can write a car's number, an address, a cell phone number or just that where one has parked his car in a big parking plaza.

Your Phone Can Recognize Script

This is a good progress, but it's not good enough. The researchers now claim that they've sorted out how to make the phone recognize script, and translate that into text before sending it to a designated e-mail account.






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