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Pakistan Kidney Institute (PKI) – Center of Excellence in Urology, Nephrology & Kidney Transplant

urology Pakistan Kidney Institute (PKI) – Center of Excellence in Urology, Nephrology & Kidney Transplant

Millions of people suffering from kidney problems in Pakistan are trying every moment to catch up with life. Pakistan Kidney Institute, Islamabad is playing a vital role in bringing these people closer to life. PKI, established in April 2004 as a non-profit organization, this Institute emerged as a strong hope due to the untiring efforts of Dr. Saeed Akhter, Head of Urology and Transplant Surgery Department, Shifa International Hospital. He invited distinguished surgeons and physicians of Pakistani origin with philanthropic proclivity from all over the world, so that while sharing their profuse knowledge and experience, they may fulfill their religious, social, moral and professional obligations towards their fellow countrymen. 

pakistan kidney institute Pakistan Kidney Institute (PKI) – Center of Excellence in Urology, Nephrology & Kidney Transplant

Pakistan Kidney Institute is equipped with most modern paraphernalia and facilities as per the contemporary international standards for urology, nephrology and transplant surgery. The Institute has been established to cater for the meager and underprivileged populace so that poverty and lack of resources may not become non-negotiable impediments in their quest for best available treatment. That is to say that Pakistan Kidney Institute ensures that economic deprivation may not drag them away from life for want of proper treatment. 

PKI’s Mission

Provision of best available medical facilities to the poor and deserving without discrimination. 

Quality contemporary education and training at under-graduate (medical students) and post-graduate levels in the field of urology and nephrology. 

Access to quality research of highest pedestals. 

What Services PKI Offer:

Every patient is registered under a specific medical record number, which ensures maintenance of a permanent record for lifetime facilitating much better treatment. 

After detailed scrutiny of the monetary status of a patient, a customized financial assistance plan is devised. Keeping in view the aforesaid data, the patients are classified in to three groups:-

i. Treatment is provided on cost-to-cost basis against payment.

ii. Treatment be provided totally free of charges. 

iii. Any suitable package in between the two cited above.  

The patient may belong to any of the financial stratum above, the surgeons and physicians render their valuable services voluntarily and do not charge any consultation remuneration. 

Pakistan Kidney Institute manages this financial assistance to deserving patients through valuable donations (Zakat & Sadqaat) received from generous donors.

transplant Pakistan Kidney Institute (PKI) – Center of Excellence in Urology, Nephrology & Kidney Transplant

Potential Plans 

Construction of an exclusive edifice for Pakistan Kidney Institute. 

Augmentations of 8-12 beds in the high quality ward of Pakistan Kidney Institute

Special Consideration for Women & Children 

Pakistan Kidney Institute extends special attention and care for women and children, as this sub-class is the most ignored faction even within the deprived and under-privileged community. 

Highest Standards in Urology and Kidney Transplant

Every year thousands of patients including women and children benefit from the latest medical treatment available at Pakistan Kidney Institute. 

Large number of patients including children have benefited from the kidney transplant facility of the Institute. 

Multitudes of deserving patients have availed free medicines and free medical consultancy. 

Philosophy of Institute 

kidney transplant small Pakistan Kidney Institute (PKI) – Center of Excellence in Urology, Nephrology & Kidney Transplant

The philosophy of Pakistan Kidney Institute which distinguishes it from other such organizations is that Pakistan Kidney Institute shows ‘Zero Tolerance’ towards illegal trade of kidneys which exploits the poor ignorant masses. To ensure, PKI only accept organ donations from donors who are directly related to the patient. This way, the Institute contributes towards the cause of eradication of this illegal and inhuman trade of human organs from Pakistan, thereby also improving upon our image internationally.  


Pakistan Kidney Institute / Shifa Foundation

Shifa International Hospital Ltd. Sector H-8/4, Islamabad 

Tel: 051-4100397, 4603666, 4603038,4603169,4603525,4603294

Email: pki_shifa@yahoo.com

Web: www.pki.com.pk  

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