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MEDA [Mennonite Economic Development Associates] in Pakistan | The Value of Women in Pakistan Video

MEDA Pakistan

The Mennonite Economic Development Associates (MEDA) established in 1953. This organizationhas been designed for more than 50 years. MEDA is working in many countries and it has grown to become a large organization. MEDA consists of thousands of supporters and members across North America and Europe. This organization believes its work is not done until it is proven to be sustainable, scalable, measureable and replaceable. This institute has been working in Pakistan to improve the lives of Pakistani home bound women since 2004 and they are successfully support them economically.


MEDA’s project objectives

There are some objectives of this organization just as to develop capacity of Pakistani civil society organizations and private actors to implement market driven value chain development projects through results-based methodologies as well as to provide homebound. The organization isolates rural women workers with sustainable market linkages and skills to enable access to growing markets and support services.

MEDA’s behind the veil project

MEDA has led a project behind the veil in Pakistan from last three years. The project’s objective was to integrate rural women into more profitable value chains, enable greater contribution to household income and to increase their economic participation. Behind the veil focus on developing the embroidered garment valued by identifying women to become sales agents and replicating this sales agent model. The project also stimulated the demand and supply of profitable design services into the value sequence by connecting sales workers to skilled designers. Awarenessof this crucial market information makes it sure that homebound embroiderers are better outfitted to respond to current fashion trends and the demands of middle class clients. Through these tricks, the project was able to address the significant constraints that prevented the growth of the embroidered garment subsector.


MEDA’s recently completed program in Pakistan enabled women embroiderers to overcome constraints and participate directly in the hand-embroidered garment subsector, and become empowered to contribute to household decision-making and increase their income.

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