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Pakistan Fresh Garlic And Onions Picture

Garlic and onions have too many medical benefits in them. The garlic and onions of Pakistan are well known all over the world. Garlic is known for its benefits to reduce the fats which is likely to accumulate in the arteries coming from the heart. It also reduces the blood pressure, therefore blood pressure patients take it regularly for the treatment of hypertension. Almost every household of Pakistan uses onions and garlics on daily basis in cooking. These along with tomatoes form the basis of almost every dish cooked in Pakistan. Now days garlic is also being imported from China and it is easy to peal and chop whereas the local onion is small in size and difficult to peal but it is believed to have more nutrition and taste than the garlic imported from China.  Onion has a sharp smell and it is prohibited to go to the mosque or offer prayer when one has consumed it in raw condition. But it is good when fried or cooked.

In Chapter 2 of Holy Quran there is a mention of Onion, When the nation of Bani Israil demanded from Allah to give them melons and onions and other foods grown in the soil while they were being given the food which descended from the skies but they were thankless so they were ordered to work hard, sow and cultivate the food themselves.


garlic and onion Pakistan Fresh Garlic And Onions Picture

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Corn Pattern & Color Variations Picture

Wow, what a beautiful elaboration of different colors and shades of corn. We see different ways of consuming Corn or Maize in Pakistan. You can spot different Pathan guys roaming in streets with their hand carts selling roasted corn. Some bury it in the hot sand and let it get tender in the heat and pull it later in consumable condition. Some boil it and offer it on sale after mixing spices and butter etc. In big shopping malls it is sold in boiled condition.  Maize or corn is a good source of nutrition and also it has least quantity of fat or cholesterol so it is good for heart patients and persons having hypertension problem.


corn Corn Pattern & Color Variations Picture

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Potatoes | Vegetable in Pakistan Picture

Potato is the most widely consumed vegetable in the world. In Pakistan the use of Potato has increased manifold in the households, hotels and fast food restaurants. Especially there is much accelerated use in Multinational food chains like McDonalds, KFC, Hardees etc.  Wherever a burger is sold, the potato chips are a must to accompany..  Potato has a very high content rate of Fiber, Thiamin, Niacin, Vitamin C, Vitamin B6 ,Vitamin A, Choline, Riboflavin and Calcium.. There is also a good ratio of carbohydrates in this vegetable. Baked potatoes are liked very much in Europe and USA and is consumed almost on daily basis. Economically these are not very expensive and almost everyone can afford to eat it on daily basis in any form either as a part of daily dish, finger chips, baked form etc.Pakistan relies on indigenous production of potatoes to meet its requirements, rather it comes in the position to export potatoes but the consumption of potato in Pakistan has reached to a great level. It mostly meets its requirements through locally produced see potatoes. Its seed is expensive and forms a major part of the total cost of production.  

More comprehensive information about potatoes can be got from the following website:


potatoes Potatoes | Vegetable in Pakistan Picture

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