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Shahid Afridi Biggest SIX

Pakistan’s hard-hitting batsman, Shahid Afridi smashed this cracking and mighty six on July, 6, 2010 in Edgbaston at Birmingham during the second fixture of the 2-match Twenty20 series against Australia.

Afridi, who was captain of the Pakistani cricket team at that time, banged Shaun Tait's delivery confidently, which stunned the bowler, as he is one of the fastest bowlers in the World. Probably, it is one of the biggest sixes, which Afridi has ever smashed.

Pakistan’s former skipper scored 18 runs on 13 balls in the match along with taking 2 wickets for 30 runs, which helped the Men in Green to win the match by 11 runs.

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Shahid Afridi Best Sixes

The aggressive batsman, Shahid Afridi, started his international career in 1996, and since then he has always been famous for his cracking sixes in the shorter format of the game.
The right-hand batsman has smashed 295 sixes in ODI cricket so far, which is the World record. Whereas, the way he hits sixes powerfully and mighty demolishes the bowler’s line and length completely, which eventually helps the other batsmen to accelerate the scoring momentum.
Every bowler in the world feels immense pressure when he bowls against Afridi. Pakistan’s former captain will always be remembered for his best sixes, as it has always been great to watch his batting.

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Shahid Afridi SIX Breaks Traffic Lights

Pakistan’s star all rounder, Shahid Afridi, smashed this mighty six against India at Toronto Cricket, Skating and Curling Club on September, 21, 1997.
The way Afridi, who earned worldwide fame in 1996 after scoring ODI’s fastest century, banged the ball mightily, it went mile away out of the park to break the traffic lights.
Pakistan was chasing a big target of 250 runs against India, as Pakistani bowlers failed to restrict the Indian batsmen particularly, Sourav Ganguly, who scored 96 runs.
Following Pakistan’s unimpressive bowling efforts; it was batsmen’s responsibility to take the challenge.
While chasing a big total, the Khyber Agency-born batsman, Afridi, who was just 16 at that time, took the challenge aggressively to accelerate the scoring momentum for his side.
The right-handed batsman started his show with this bang six to astonish the Indian team, as traffic lights could not even stop the ball.
The way the ball broke the traffic lights badly was a great entertainment for the spectators and commentators.
The hard-hitting batsman, who is now famous with the title of Boom Boom Afridi, scored 39 runs on 30 balls, which put pressure on the Men in Blue’s bowling line, and helped the Men in Green to win the fixture by 5 wickets.
‘Someone has well said – This is happen when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object – Perfect for Afridi’s cracker.’
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