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K&N’s Safe and Healthy Chicken in Pakistan Video

K&N Pakistan is the company renowned for its frozen chicken products. There are ready made ready to cook delicious chicken items are also sold by this company. Initially there was less trend of eating frozen chicken among the Pakistanis but gradually this has increased to a great extent and there are solid reasons behind this trend.
It is a great hassle to go to chicken vendor, stand and wait there while he picks up a sluggish and sick looking hen and slaughter it and then wait for its going motionless and then peal the skin and make the pieces. During this whole process you will have to stand near the shop bearing a number of flies buzzing around there. There must be a very stinking smell around the shop and there are chances that some flying blood drop may fall on your neat clothes. So to avoid this hassle people now are turning towards the frozen chicken products. There are many names which have appeared for this business but the leading figure is K&N Chicken products. There are a number of outlets which offer on sale the raw frozen chicken in different formats like full one piece chicken, drum sticks, necks, wings, tikka cutlets, mince meat, breast fillets etc. 
There is also availability of cooked foods packed in a professional manner. YOU just have to unpack them, shallow or deep fry them and enjoy the delicious chicken recipes.
There are a number of dishes which can be made ready in 10 minutes like Chicken Chappli Kababs, Kafta Kababs, Meat balls, Chicken nuggets, Haray bharay nuggets etc.
Of course there are some reservations by the people about the quality of the meat, one might point the finger that who knows the meat which has been packed is fresh or not, it might be stale, the chicken might be dead already, but these are all just doubts. A standardized company running on such a large scale never puts its goodwill on stake, it never compromises on the quality. K&N spends millions of rupees on the publicity so how it can compromise on the quality and freshness of the chicken used in the products. This should be believed as fresh and useful saving from all the hassle of buying chicken from the butcher.



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