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What are not-to-miss spots in Pakistan?

museum of lahore What are not to miss spots in Pakistan?

Northern areas Pakistan ansoo lake What are not to miss spots in Pakistan?
Northern Area

Rohtas Fort What are not to miss spots in Pakistan?
Archaeological Sites

Hadicrafts What are not to miss spots in Pakistan?
Recreational and Leisure Activities ~

Pakistan is a beautiful country with lots of fine buildings and greenery.


After independence we got seven museums which are located in different cities of Pakistan. The progress of museums in Pakistan has been fantastic and they are well maintained as well.

List of museums in Pakistan is as follows:  

·        Bahawalpur Museum, Bahawalpur

·       Chakdara Museum, Chakdara

·       Archaeological Museum, Harappa, Sahiwal

·       Lahore Museum, Lahore

·       Moenjodaro Museum, Larkana

·       Multan Museum, Multan

·       National Museum of Pakistan, Karachi

·       Peshawar Museum, Peshawar

·       Saidu Sharif Museum, Swat

·       Sindh Museum, Hyderabad

·       Taxila Museum, near Rawalpindi

The above picture shows the entrance of Lahore museum.

Northern areas:

Northern area of Pakistan is beautiful with amazing greenery and climate.

And it has rich beauty and culture. Many tourists visit the northern areas and enjoy every moment of it. They are delighted by the wonderful weather and splendid topography. The lakes, mountains, streams and everything is simply miraculous!

Archaeological sites:

There are a lot of Archaeological sites in Pakistan, situated in different parts of the country. Generally the sites have been built up by the mughals. They are strong and have breathtaking architecture. The mesmerizing traditions and attractive surroundings entice innumerable visitors every year. Some of the famous sites are: Lahore fort, badshai masjid, mohenjodaro, harrapa etc.


Recreational and Leisure Activities:

Pakistanis are very fond of having fun and good leisure time so to pass that time there are many activities, people fly kites, ride bikes and swings, go for trekking or camping in northern areas of Pakistan. Women are really fond of shopping and wear beautiful traditional Pakistani clothes with embroidery and stylish cuts.

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Chain of Serena Hotels in Pakistan

serena hotel Chain of Serena Hotels in Pakistan

Serena Hotels are located in various exciting and exotic destinations of the world. Its experience is tailored to be an unforgettable and unique, whether in a luxury safari camp or in one of the resorts or hotels. Only in Pakistan there are six fabulous Serena Hotels that are fascinating for tourists around the world. They are located in Islamabad, Gilgit, Faisalabad, Hunza Baltit Inn, Quetta, and Swat.


serena isb Chain of Serena Hotels in Pakistan

Islamabad Serena Hotel is located near the lush green Margalla Hills and Rawal Lake, next to the diplomatic enclave with covered area of 6 acres. It is surrounded by tranquil jasmine gardens, Serena water bodies, combines the historical architecture of the region with traditional hospitality, and the most modern comforts and technology. The room of the hotels are designed beautifully with modern conveniences demanded by seasoned travelers, like wireless high-speed internet access and voicemail. Islamabad Serena is perfect for business travelers, as it is located near to Government institutes and private companies working in Islamabad.


faisalabad Chain of Serena Hotels in Pakistan

Serena-Faisalabad is located near to the business district on the tranquil Club surrounded by lush green gardens. The Faisalabad Serena Hotel is the heartbeat of the city and can easily accessible from all locations of the town.

Hunza Baltit Inn

hunza baltit inn Chain of Serena Hotels in Pakistan

Hunza Valley is located  50 Kilometer from Gilgit on its left side there is Hunza River, in the west Afghanistan, and bordering in the north with Peoples Republic of China.

The Hunza Baltit Inn situated on a sloping hill of 6 acres, in front of valley. The Inn is functional at a prime location of Karimabad and has 20 rooms for visitors. On its surroundings, there are Ulter peak, lady finger, famous Baltit Fort, Mount Rakaposhi, Nagar valley, Diran peak, and the Hunza River.


Gilgit is a flourishing frontier town and the Capital of the Northern areas of Pakistan. Gilgit is connected rest of the Pakistan with beautiful Karakoram Highway. Gilgit Serena is also designed beautifully and is popular for its unique services to the visitors.


quetta Chain of Serena Hotels in Pakistan

Quetta Serena Hotel has a distinctive identity, and incorporated many stunning architectural and decorative elements of the local Baloch clients. Decorative patterns, graphics designs, traditional arts and crafts found throughout the plush interior of the hotel are an affirmation of pride in the local culture and aesthetic traditions.


swat Chain of Serena Hotels in Pakistan

Swat is the land of historic beauty, located North-West Frontier Province of Pakistan. It is bordered on the South by Buneer, on the north by Gilgit and Chitral, on the North-West by Dir, on the East by Hazara and on the West by Malakand. Apart from its archaeological and historical interests, Swat can be linked in many ways to Switzerland – a land of snow-capped mountains, forests, luscious green fertile valleys, rivulets, and its temperate climate.

Serena Swat is located at Saidu Sharif with its same attraction that is been the trademark of Serena chain of hotels in Pakistan. The hotel facilitates the tourists with air conditioning, credit cards acceptance, mini bar in rooms, car parking, conference facilities, restaurant, telephone, satellite television and much more…

Serena Hotel Islamabad

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