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Formal Style For Hijab Video

The girl in this video teaches us how to tie up a square headscarf formally and beautifully. She is wearing a black cap underneath her scarf just to cover her hair completey, she uses blue colored 34 inch scarf which is printed with lines and blocks. First she holds in half, in a triangular form and puts it on her head, pins it up on the neck, cross it and ties it at the back or it could be tied in a knot by the side. This style can be adopted if a girl has to wear a blazer.

Don’t tie it to too tightly make it lose or else it gets uncomfortable ! 

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Way to Wear a Hijab Video

This video shows how to tie up a scarf with a side tassel style. Light baby pink pashmina is used with nice borders and is folded into half. Cap is worn and underneath and tied at the back so that no hair is shown. The scarf is divided into half and is tied on the back with a pin. The shorter side of the scarf is tied in away so that the tassel sides form a border on the side and the rest comes up on the top. A pink headband with beads is put on the top then the longer side of the scarf is taken on the top and pinned it up!

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