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Beauty Tips For Skin And Hair By Dr Fazeela Urdu Video


Beauty Tips For Skin And Hair By Dr Fazeela Urdu Video. One should avoid facials with chemical ingredients and whitening facials too without consulting a skin specialist. Bleaching the hair and skin can also be harmful. You can have facial steam from a beauty salon for the extraction of white and black heads but ask the staff to be gentle with them otherwise these heads will leave scars on face as the hair follicle infection leaves deep skin marks.  You can always use fruit peels but keeping in view the skin type and the accessory products being used. Before applying any herbal paste on your face or body, test it first on a small part of your body e.g. fore arm to note if it causes any allergy or infection. After removing it, wait for 72 hours if no pigmentation or skin allergic reaction is observed then you may apply it on your face. You can have re-hydration treatment from a dermatologist to have a smooth, lively and fresh skin. You can also have a skin rejuvenating treatment to boost up your skin by having collagen treatment. Collagen generation in the skin is reduced with the passage of time because of dust, sunlight and stress reasons.  This treatment helps in wrinkle removal and prevention. Tri-polar radio frequency is another treatment you can have from the dermatologist to revive your skin. Hair should also be handled with great care. Environmental factors including dust and sunlight affect the hair too as they affect the skin. As skin needs moisture, hairs also need moisture. Moisture contents can be given to the hair in the form of conditioners. Conditioning is very essential after every hair wash. People having very dry hair should apply hair masks instead of conditioners. In salons, you can have protein masks or herbal treatment to nourish your hair plus hair steam is also very effective as it gives moisture to the hair. Yogurt is a very effective natural moisturizer. Add egg to yogurt and then apply it your hair to nourish them. Henna is also a very effective conditioning agent.  You can also have hair steam at home, warm the towel and wrap it into your hair. Oiling is also very essential as it gives nutrition to your hair follicles. Massaging helps smooth blood circulation.  Manicure, pedicure is also very essential but cuticle of the nails should not be damaged. It does have a very important function and that is protection. Complete removal of cuticle leads to bacterial and fungal infections.


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Dr. Fazeela in Good morning pakistan talking about Fungal infections

Part 1

Part 2

Dr. Fazeela in Good morning Pakistan talking about Fungal Infections. First of all, moisturisation is very important for the prevention of fungal infections. During moisturisation, it is very important to keep in mind that, the body folds (for example underarms, under thighs) and the web spaces between the fingers of both hands and feet should be moisture free. Because in these body areas, fungus is already there, so, even a little moisture in these areas will result as a risk of fungal infection. Especially in winters, after taking bath or ablution, these areas should be properly dried to avoid the risk of fungal infection. The moisturizer to be used in these areas should not be oily in nature. For instance, Vaseline or petroleum jelly kind of stuff could be used on other parts of body, but in these areas their use should be avoided, as these kinds of moisturizers are occlusive in nature, that is, they trap moisture for a quite long time period. But the other parts of body should be moisturized regularly because, the more the skin is dry, the more it becomes favorable for the infection due to the cracks in the skin because of dryness. To avoid the dehydration of the skin, fourth generation mesolus plus fillers are also available in the market, injecting high aleuronic acid and glycerol in the skin which is very intense Anti-dehydrating agents. So the people having the problem of severe dryness of the skin can use them too. Besides preventing skin against dehydration, frequent moisturisation also helps in the deterrence of wrinkles and delay of the aging process of skin. Lasers may also be used to delay the aging process.

 In addition, the shoes used during the fungal infection should be disposed after the recovery as there is a possibility of incursion of fungal spores in them which may cause the infection again.

 Moreover one should take care of the cuticle of the nails which is the skin which grows as a protective covering on your nails, and make sure that during the manicure it should not be completely peeled off from the nails as it has a protective function.

To avoid bacterial infections on the bruises and cuts, anti-bacterial creams and powders should be used recurrently for the prevention against bacterial infection and the bruises should be kept absolutely dry.

Another thing should be kept in mind that in the beauty parlors, the instruments used for the manicure services are not sterilized; this can even result in the spread of hepatitis.

To delay the aging process the collagen production of the skin should kept smooth which is done by the lasers, besides, collagen creams are also available which act as the anti aging element.

Tripolar Rejuvenation (radio frequency treatment) is also being used these days. It also helps in burning fats as well as acts as  a rejuvenator of the skin.

Further more, only moisturisation is not enough for a healthy skin, in take of water after regular intervals, proper exercise and nutritious diet is also essential. The junk food is also causing several skin issues. Especially in girls, excess of fast food is causing hormone disorders as the chicken used in certain restaurants is bred on steroids which in turn upsets the hormones.

So proper care should be done for a healthier skin, as, prevention is better than cure.

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