Syed Munawar Hassan and his Controversial statement



Syed Munawar Hassan is a well-known  Islamic Political leader and Current Ameer of Jamaat e Islami, which is the main stream Islamic Political party of Pakistan. He recently issued a statement which triggered a severe debate and got immense reaction from all the circles of the country. Syed Munawar Hassan called the Tahreek e Taliban Chief Hakimullah Mehsud a Martyr who was killed by the American drone attack. He said that Pak Army was also supporting American Army so the Pakistani soldiers being killed in the war against Taliban can also not be called martyrs. Syed Munawar Hassan has defended his statement by explaining that his statement was true in the light of Sharia Laws.

Syed Munawar Hasan has a long history of activism in different times of his life starting from a passionate college student engaged in political activities, first from the communist student party and then starting a long career in Jamiat Talaba e Islam, which led him to be the Secretary general of Jamaat e Islami and then Ameer.

His statement ignited a strong protest among the families of the martyrs of Pakistan Army and they have demanded an unconditional apology from him by appearing on media.

According to the party (Jamat e Islami) the views of Syed Munawar Hasan on this sensitive topic are according to his personal capacity and it is not the version or declaration from the party.

Syed Munawar has represented the Jamaat on many forums and platforms successfully. From a leader of Jamiat Talaba e Islam to the Ameer of Jamaat e Islami his career has seen more success than failure. But now there is a need to be cautious while addressing these type of controversial statements to avoid further unrest in the country.

There is a need of mutual harmony and unity to take the country out of the crisis and which can only be done by the cooperation of all stakeholders.






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