Syed Ata Ullah Shah Bukhari – Life and Services for Islam


Syed Ata Ullah Shah Bukhari is a Muslim leader, Scholar and a renowned orator of pre-partition period, though his life spanned the period after partition also but he was well known for his hatered and struggle against British.He was born in September 23, 1892 in the city of Patna in British India regime. He came to Amritsar in 1914 when he was only 22 years old.He liked the notions of Socialists and communists because they supported the poor class but he did not associate himself with those as he considered the Quranic and Islamic teachings the last word for every system in life. He was the founding member of Majlis e Ahrar e Islam. He preached Muslims about the implementation of Islamic government and emancipation from British rule. He was also imprisoned for his anti-state emotions and activities. He was the Hafiz of Quran which he memorized at the age of ten only from his father. He began his struggle and career as a religious preacher in a mosque of Amritsar. He was considered as one of the best reciters of Holy Quran during his life time. His popularity and fame disturbed very much the British rule and they imprisoned him on account of his speech in Khilafat Movement conference in March 1921.
He was well known for his oratory and poetry and he got popularity due to these characteristics. He was chosen as Amber e Shari at in 1930. He also launched a strong movement against Qadianis and urged ted o declare them non-Muslims. Side Ata Ulla Shah Bukhari died on August 21, 1961. A huge crowd of above than 200,000 people attended his namaz e Janaza.
He was a strong practising Muslim and believed in supremacy of Allah in every system of life as is also taught by our Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammed (Peace be upon Him).




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