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Pakistan is a beautiful country with amazing mountainous regions and valleys. Swat is one of the lovely and charismatic place of Pakistan. It is known as Switzerland of Pakistan. The river Swat is a translucent water river opening from the Ushu rage of mountain to the stretch of the valley of Swat. Swat is considered paradise on earth.




Dudipatsar-lake-swatSwat is an ideal spot to spend the vacations, and is perfect for trekkers and climbers, and archeologists. There are various relaxing and secure hotels where one can stopover for a period of time to chill out and enjoy! In Kalam; upper Swat there are a number of very enjoyable walks as the climate is beautiful and pleasant where one can without problems move and walk over the hills for hours and take pleasure in the well-preserved environment.






We can go Swat by air or by road. Frequent flights take off from Islamabad to the Swat’ capital town of Saidu Sharif and if you want to go via road you can take a 160km drive from Peshawar or a 250 km drive from Islamabad. Local buses and taxis will also take you there but departing by your personal means of transportation is what I would advise. Places to visit in SWAT are MARGHAZAR, MALAM JABBA, SWAT MUSEUM, KALAM, BAHRIN AND MADYAN, AND GABRAL VALLEY.






The blossoming green and significant Swat Valley lies between 34°-40 to 35° N latitude and 72 to 74°-6 E longitude. Kalam is the mainly attractive part of the Swat valley. It is one of the valleys which is mostly green, of the Northern Pakistan and is fully linked to the rest of Pakistan. The central town of the valley is Mingora and Saidu Sharief

Some of the famous hotels of SWAT are:

Rockcity Resort Swat Swat

Swat Continental Hotel Swat

Hotel White Palace Swat Swat

PTDC Malam Jabba Ski Resort Swat

PTDC Motel Miandam Swat

Swat Serena Hotel Swat

PTDC Malam Jabba Ski Resort Swat

PTDC Motel Miandam Swat

PTDC Motel Saidu Sharief Swat

Marghazar 16 km away from Saidu Sharif is famous for its “Sufed Mahal” the white marble palace of the former Wali (Ruler) of Swat. The famous lakes of swat valley are Pari (Khapiro) Lake, Kundol Lake, Daral Lake, Spin Khwar (White Stream) Lake, and Bashigram Lake. The snow-covered mountains and streams look amazing and lovely! The weather is delightful over there and the people (blond with blue and green eyes) are very warm and welcoming. The inhabitants of Swat are generally Gujars, Pashtuns and Kohistanis. The citizens declare themselves to be the offspring’s of the army of Alexander the Great. The religion followed is Islam and inhabitants comprehend the national language as well along with the local languages.

You can take a look on the above pictures of the beautiful area of Pakistan!

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