SUPARCO – The Premium level Space Research Agency of Pakistan


SUPARCO is the supreme and executive institution of Pakistan which is mandated for research and development in the field of Space science, Space programs, aerospace and aeronautics. Space technology research and accomplishment of many public welfare projects and socio economic development of Pakistan are the main objectives of this institution.

The institution was established in September 16, 1961 by the orders of the then president of Pakistan. Its headquarters are in Karachi. It is also linked with Pak Army in connection with the strategic planning division which is operated from Chaklala Military District and under the management and control of Pakistan Air force. Many Space flight programs were accomplished in the initial years of its establishment.

REHBAR was the first expendable weather rocket launch. SUPARCO also built first satellite, named as Badr-I and it was launched by China in 1990.

The main focus of this institution now is on Space Weather, Solar System, Physical Cosmology, climate study, astronomy, telemedicine, earth research and remote sensing.

The slogan of mission statement of SUPARCO is "Strive to achieve self-reliance in space technology and applications for national security, economy and society"

Big Bang theory is under study by SUPARCO. One can see the daily space weather summary by visiting the web site of the institution by visiting this link.

SUPARCO also gives consultancy services in Frequency Coordination, Feasibility and System definition Study, Communication Satellite Applications and Environmental Monitoring & Modeling.

SUPARCO also provides training courses on Satellite Remote Sensing and GIS, Space weather, and Space Applications.

SUPARCO also gives the services of Topographic & leveling surveys, GPS based ground Surveys and ground Truthing Surveys with the help and virtue of its satellite facilities.

SUPARCO's Atmosphere Data Receiving & Processing Centre (ADRPC) is located close to its Headquarters, inKarachi. The ground satellitestation of ADRPC has capacity of tracking geostationary  andpolar satellites and has acquisition zone of Approx. 2500 kilometers radius which covers Pakistan and other neighboring countries.





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