Summer Fruits in Pakistan Picture


With the arrival of Summer in Pakistan comes the season of delicious fruits which are know for their soothing effect in the scorching sunlight and heat. The king of fruits, the mango and Water Melon are the two topmost fruits, besides them there are apricot, plum, The  falsa also comes in this season which is know to relieve the thirst and very beneficial for the human body. There are grapes of different kinds available in the market topmost of which is Sundarkhani grapes.  Milk shake of mangoes is considered to be most widely consumed drink in the summer. Summer has too many blessings in its folds.

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  • It is known to everybody but how many people have the patience to buy whole fruit and consume at home. People prefer to consume fruit juices. But most of the consumers do not know which brand to buy. They do not read details on the packs and then buy the product. Colours and preservatives are added in the fruit juices. But how many people are aware of JIVE fruit drinks which have no colour or preservative added to it.