Sukkur City – The Pride of River Indus


Sukkur or Sukkhur is Sindh's third largest city and it is situated on the west bank of Indus River. The meaning of the word Sakharu means "Superior" in Sindhi and it is probably the origin of the name of the city. The nickname of Sukkur is Darya Dino which means the gift of the river and the reason behind this is irrigation and other benefits derived by the city from the Indus River. The most widely spoken language in the area is Sindhi which almost more than 70% people speak and after that Urdu is understood and spoken by a reasonable number of people.
Indus rivers passes narrowly from here and perhaps it is the narrowest point as far as lower Indus course is concerned. Shikarpur is the closest city on north-eastern side and Khairpur is on southern side. It has its border with neighboring India on eastern side but little further.
The climate of the Sukkur or Sukkhur city hot and hazy in summer and there is dry cold in winter. Average temperature goes from 7 to 22 centigrade in winter and in summer it reaches up to 35 degrees.
Sukkur or Sukkhur remained under the rule of Umayyad Caliphate (Banu Ummayah) in 711 CE. In 1809 Mirs of Khairpur took over the charge of City. Shah Shuja also ruled over it by deafeating the Talpurs and in 1843 it came under the rule of British represented by General Charles James Napier (The famous Napier Road in Lahore has been named after him). After Partition it came under the control of Pakistan because it was a Muslim majority area and all the population supported Pakistan movement.
The Sukkhur Barrage was built by the British on the Indus river. Its old name was Lloyd Barrage. It is known as one of the largest irrigation supporting system in the world.
As far as industries are concerned it has many industries like, cement, tobacco, leather, paints and varnish, cotton and pharmaceutical setups. it is also known for its cutlery and ceramics production.
On the education front also it does not lag behind. it has many prominent educational institutes like, Apwa Excellent World School, Beaconhouse School System, Army Public School and College, The city school, The Educators, Deaf Reach School and Training Centre, Agha Nizamuddin Girls College, Ghulam Muhammad Mahar Medical College Sukkur, Sukkhur Institute of Science and Technology and many other notable institutions.

Important site to for visiting are Sukkur Barrage, Rohri, Aror, many tombs of saints, Thermal Power Station Sukkur, Shahi Bazaar, Ayub Gate, Ladies and Children Hill Park, purana Sukkur and BagheHayat Ali Shah. The city is really worth visiting and a proud identity of Sindh Province.








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