Steps to be taken to tackle the menace of Terrorism in Pakistan in Urdu

There is not doubt that our country is at war with the terrorists of worst type who don't spare even the innocent children and they for sure need to be dealt with iron hands. The Peshawar School incident was the worst in the history of Pakistan and no religious excuse or any justification can be put behind it. That was just barbariasm and an extreme cowardly act. We need to take preamptive steps and necessary measures to tackle the menace of terrorism in Pakistan.
Peshawar School incident PakistanHamara mulk is waqt dahshat gardi ka shikar hai aur Pakistan is waqt Halat e Jang main hai. Pahlay yeh jang hamari thi ya nahi laikin is waqt yeh hamari jang ban chuki hai. Peshawar school ka insaniyat soz waqyay nay dil dahla kar rakh diyay hain aur har aankh ashk bar hai. Janwaron say bhi bad tar dahshatgardon nay sirf bachon ko qatal nahi kiya balkay poori insaniyat par hamla kiya hai. Quran ki ru say aik insan ka qatal poori insaniyat ka qatal hai aur yahan to phool jaisay masoom bachay thay jinhon nay baray ho kar mulk o qaum ki qayadat sanbhalni thi. Allah hamaray mulk par Raham farmayay. Aameen.
Rangers on duty in PeshawarIn my opinion Following steps should be taken to meet the challenge of terrorism in Pakistan.
1- There is a need of uniform and effective homeland security policy and an institution to implement this policy.
2- There should be complete and consistant coordination between all the law enforcing and secret agencies of pakistan.
3- Week spots should be taken care of immediately and sensitive installations and vulnerable places e.g. schools and colleges and institutions relating to women should be protected.
4- Government and Opposition should shun their differences and be united on this issue and bring a uniform and effective policy on national and provincial level to fight the menace of terrorism.
5- The religious institutions which inculcate violence and indiscriminate killing of innocent people should be dealt with strictly.
peshawar school attack6- The advance secrete reports of agencies about forthcoming incidents should be taken seriously and necessary steps be taken on time to avert any untoward incidence.
7- The staff of secret agencies and Police officials should be imparted professional training and given latest gadgets and weapons.
8- Justice delayed is juctice denied. So the proven terrosists responsible for killings should be punished without delay publicly.
9- Public awareness should be increased via media to recognize any suspicious activity going on around them.
10- Sensitive areas of all provinces should be taken care of on priority and forces deputed there should be equiped with all latest means of anti terrorism equipment.
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