Shoharon ki Aqsam

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Sohroon ki Aqsaam

There are various types of husbands, typically wives are dominant on their husbands, where as husbands are usually more submissive.


Sohroon ki Aqsaam

You can categorize husbands in 5 types, as ‘Shoharon ki Aqasm’; every type is unique of its own kind.

1) The survivor husbands
2) The obedient husbands
3) The admirer husbands
4) The subservient husbands
5) The man in charge husbands

Types of wives can classify in 5 types, as well.

1)The panadol wives
2)The baby wives
3)The ‘angry birds’ wives
4)Always complaining wives
5)The commanding and demanding wives

About the husbands, someone has well said, “The calmest husbands make the stormiest wives.”



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