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Lion Hunter


The African Lion might not be alive up to status as King of the Jungle; however he is with no question the King of all African predators.  Even as in several circles, the African Buffalo is believed the prime danger of African entertainment; the Lion is almost certainly the top known, the majority of people respect his grandeur presence in the jungle, and feared him.
He is the largest mammal of the Africa weighing in at between 400 and 500 pounds.  He rests almost 4 feet at the shoulder and measures about 10 feet from muzzle to tail.  The Lioness is rather lesser in stature, but what she is short of in size; she builds up for in mean.
The Lioness is habitually a lot more hostile than the male of the specie; she does nearly all of the hunting.  A lioness with cubs is capable of tremendously risky.  Grown-up Lions show little fears of man, and can be particularly bold through the hours of shadows. They have outstanding night vision and have very large talon-like retractable claws, which they utilize to grasp prey as biting down on the throat to suffocate their prey.  These huge felines quarry on almost all of Africa's species.

Shair ka Shikar

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