Sheikhupura – The City of Sheikhu and his Loving Deer


The fame of Sheikhupura or Shaikhupura is directly linked with the Hiran Minar which was built by Moghal Emperor Jahangir in the loving memory of his favorite deer which was called Mansraj. The name of the city has been derived from the nick name of emperor Jahangir who was called as Shaikhu by his father Jalal ud Din Mohammed Akbar the great moghal emperor. The history of Sheikhupura dates back to the reign of Alexander the great of Greece who is also recognized by the name of Sikandar e Azam. It was here in 100 BC that a very crucial battle was fought by Alexander here in the region. Many successive rulers ruled over the region from Moghals to Nadir Shah and Ahmed Shah Abdali and Sikhs (Bhangi Sardars and Ranjid Singh) and finally it was passed on to British until 1947 when it came under the government of Pakistan.
Hiran Minar and the linked lake is the center of attraction for the visitors mostly from Lahore and other closely situated cities.
There are too many industries have been setup here and Sheikhupura road is dotted by numerous small and big industries. 
There are many educational institutes, colleges and schools namely Govt. P.G. College for Women, Govt. Commercial College, Punjab College, Oxford College and many other institutions.
There are many places to visit for tourists. The places include Hiran Minar, Qila Sheikhupura, Company Bagh, Muqadssa-e-Mariam, Sacha Soda (a gurdwara of sikh community), Shrine of Syed Waris Ali Shah, Shrine of Syed Pir Bahar Shah, Shrine of Mian Sher Muhammed Sharaqpur and many other parks and gardens.
Syed Waris Ali Shah's shrine is situated at Jandiala Sher khan which is just 11 Km from the city.
There are many sporting facilities available for sports lovers. The cricket stadium of sheikhupura can accomodate up to 15000 people. There is a gymnasium and a public park.
Many sports figures belong to this city namely, Shahid Tanveer, Rana Naveed ul Hasan, Saeed Anwar Malik former champion of Hockey, Aaqib Javed, Muhammed Asif.
There are many parks including Company Park, Jinnah Park, Stadium Park, Hockey Ground, Jilani park and Basket ball court.

Prominent Restaurants hotels include Mehar baba, Dolce Ice Cream Parlor at food st., Punjab Broast, Eat and Meat (at Stadium), Mehar Baba (at food st.) AFC, CFC, Hot Spoon and the City Hotel.







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