Sheikh Rasheed – A Politician of All Times


A person who has even a slightest interest in Politics knows the name of Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed. Mr. Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed is a vetran and seasoned politician having his own unique style in every field of politics. Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed is almost above 70 years of old but due to his family origin and good health he does look younger than his age. Sheikh Rasheed has always

been a vital part of Pakistani Politics and associated with it in one or another way. He has been a member of National

Assembly 8 times ( 2013 elections inclusive). He won the seat of Rawalpindi NA-55 with a wide margin against his opponent Mr. Shakeel of PML-N. The people of Rawalpindi love him with the core of their hearts and support him in any election. He lost the elections of 2008 only due to the incident of Lal Masjid and being part of Pro-Musharraf regime. Otherwise he has always

been the part of National Assembly owing to his pro-Public stance and Public politics. People love to hear him talking on media with his bold and unique style. Almost every TV channel desires to invite him. He doesn't have an extremist outlook and prefers to take along all the quarters of the Politics. He  started his political career at grass roots level and progressed  to popularity. He  spent overall five years in solitary confinement for the sake of  democracy. He also passed seven years rigorous jail in Kalashnikov case and spent two years in New Central Jail Bahawalpur.

Sheikh Rashid has served as Minister in the departments of Labor and Manpower, Railways, Information and Broadcasting, industries, Tourism and Investment and Sports and Culture. Inititally he was the part of PML-N under the leadership of Mian Nawaz Sharif but later he joined PML-Q and came in Pro-Musharraf government as a minister which definitely caused a great dent to his positive image which he also admits as his biggest political mistake. However he formed his own political party with the name of Pakistan Awami Muslim League and he fought the elections of 2013 under the flag of his own party and he was supported by PTI (Pakistan Tehrik e Insaf) led by Imran Khan and he succeeded to win the hearts of people of Rawalpindi once again and was selected MNA. PTI also got support from Sheikh Rasheed and succeeded to win the seat of NA-56 defeating Hanif Abbasi a tough opponent with the help of Sheikh Rasheed and supporters. Now Shaikh Rasheed and PTI are both Allies in Assembly and outside of Assembly. According to Sheikh Rasheed he will continue to support PTI at any cost.

Sheikh Rasheed has emerged as a completely changed person in National Assembly and delivered a historical speech in National Assembly on the first day of selection of Mian Nawaz Sharif as Prime Minister.

It is hoped that he would now render his services for the progress of Pakistan along with Pakistan Tehrik e Insaf.






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