Shahid Nazir and His One Pound Fish

Shahid Nazir was not comfortable with shouting in loud voice to sell his fish like many other fellow merchants so he adopted a unique way to attract the customers. He invented a lyric starting from "One Pound Fish, Come on Lady, Come on Lady, One pound Fish, very very tasty, very very cheap, One Pound fish, have a look" This trick worked and people started attracting towards him and yes, especially ladies customers turned to him to buy his fish and in the mean time someone video shot his song and threw on YouTube and from here it clicked and it was seen more than 7 million times in the year under mention.
He went to London to study but he got work permit and he started selling fish for living in part time. He used to sell Snapper and Mackerel fish at Queens Market in London, UK.  Shahid Says that "One Pound Fish has completely changed his life and he is so happy now that he is loved and attended by a huge number of people and he has got world fame.
It is not only YouTube which worked wonder for his fame actually it was Warner Music which arranged to make a techno-infused style of the video by making a deal with Shahid Nazir. Now Shahid Nazir sings his one pound fish along with mini-dressed female dancers. This music video has been viewed approximately 1 billion times since it was thrown on YouTube in just three weeks. The video has become a strong contender against No. 1 Christmas Single which is on the top of the chart.
Now Shahid Nazir plans to go to France to release his song there and for this purpose he has come to Pakistan to get the visa of France and after that he will go to USA where he believes it will make a big entry. He says that he will never forget his fish stall from where he started his journey of music and it will always have a place in his heart.
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