Shahid Afridi and his Wife Nadia

shahid afridi his wife Shahid Afridi and his Wife Nadia

afridi and his wife Shahid Afridi and his Wife Nadia

boom boom wife Shahid Afridi and his Wife Nadia

In these pictures Shahid "Boom Boom" Afridi was spotted with his wife Nadia and youngest daughter at Edgbaston stadium's pavilion in Birmingham, UK.

He is known for his storm like batting. The spree of sixes and fours is his symbol. He was born in March 01, 1980. He has been struggling with his batting since he made his world record of fastest century. Although he rarely does the big score now but still the public of Pakistan loves him and wants to see him batting. However, his spin bowling is tremendous these days!!!

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  1. Farah Jamil… acchi baat hay k aapko unka face thora sa dikh jata.. laiken aapko pata hay naa Shahid Afridi kon hay….. Tu iss liay.. sorry.. you can't watch face of Mr. S.Afridi.

  2. i guz she is vry beautitful her daughters reveal her beauty …jitni b dikri hai wo she is vry beautitful

  3. I am A Big Fan of Shahid Afridi..And My One of the Biggest dream is to See His Wife means Nadia Shahid….Anyone here ever seen her face without Hijab..I know She Does pardah,but anyone Who had Seen Her In the house or at the place where she is not In Hijab..
    She Is Looking Dammmmm Pretty In the above Picture And Makes me More Curious to seee Her
    Please!Anyone let me knowww..Its a Humble request!

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