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A school is an institution designed for the teaching of students (or "pupils") under the supervision of teachers. It's a place where you learn about yourself, your personality and who you actually are. A place for character building. It is not just a place where you study and only study! it's a place where you interact with people and where you make friends. It's a place that's impact lasts forever…….till the end of your life.
Thus it should be a place which gives you proper and good education. But it's not only about worldly education; it's also about the religious one. You will survive in this world with its education, but it will surely not help you in your hereafter. SCIL (School for Contemporary and Islamic Learning) is a place which provides you with both. Thus, if you REALLY want to know about the religion and the world at the same time……. It's the perfect place for you!
Like other top schools of Lahore it provides you with an excellent education system and excellent teachers with whom you would be easily able to interact and affiliate! Most of the teachers in SCIL have adone a course from alhuda and thus have knowledge about the religion and their particular subject as well. It has a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere (however, rule breaking is a serious offense!)
As soon as you enter in the premises you are greeted by many people with a smile which surely lightens your mood up! The teachers are always ready to help you in your studies as well as your personal matters, they are more than teachers………….. they are the student's friends, which makes it even more easy for the students to get their message across comfortably!
The O'Level system is as good as it can be with Lahore's one of the best teachers, the results are surely wonderful!
SCIL is a place for perfect character building! Nowadays, where it is difficult to find a school where you are perfectly sure about the safety of your child, about the education and the worry that your child is maybe in the company of the friends or teachers in which he or she may not be comfortable or which may effect him/her negatively, is off your head!
Your child is groomed and with perfect moral values, with an excellent education system and religious values too!


Head Office & Junior Branch

117-E/1, Hali Raod,
Gulberg III, Lahore
Tel: 35752184, 35752185

Elementary Branch

20-C/3 Gulberg III, Lahore
Tel: 35712793, 35756594

Boys Branch

67-C-2, Gulberg III, Lahore
Tel: 35873709, 35754865

Girls Branch

35-B-3, Gulberg III, Lahore
Tel: 35715151, 35875666

School Kids SCIL Lahore

Students in Library SCIL Lahore Pakistan

Nursery KG Students at SCIL Lahore

SCIL school KG Class

Students Stage Show SCIL Lahore

SCIL Students at Lahore ZOO

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