Saif-ul-Malook – The Enchanting Lake of Fairies in Pakistan


In Pakistan Northern areas are known for their natural and scenic beauty, among them there is one Lake of Saiful Muluk or Jheel Saif ul Malook. It is actually a very mysterious and mesmerizing lake situated at an altitude of more than 10 thousand feet. The word mysterious is used here because of an interesting story attached to it.
There is a fictional or a fairy tale titled as Saiful Muluk, which has been written by the renowned Sufi poet Mian Muhammad Bakhsh, is attached with the lake. It is a story of prince of Persia who had fallen in love with a fairy princess at the lake. The impact of the beauty of lake is of such extent that local people believe that fairies descend from heaven to lake in full moon. A writer and a poet from Balakot, Ahmad Hussain Mujahid has written the story of Saiful Muluk in prose expressing the local version.
Saiful Muluk is actually an alpine lake (elevated more than 5000 feet from sea level) at the north side of Kaghan Valley close to the town of Naran. It is situated in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province in Mansehra District. The weather here is pleasant during the summer and drops to minus degrees in winter.
A special kind of Brown Trout fish is found in the lake weighing almost 7 kgs. The plants usually found in the area are Scrophulariaceae, Polygonaceae, Gramineae, Apiaceae, Ranunculaceae and Ranunculaceae to be the most prominent.
If you are coming from Karachi or Lahore you have to take the route from Rawalpindi to Abboatabad, then to Balakot, Mansehra, Kaghan and then to Naran and finally you will reach Lake Saiful Muluk. Local Jeep drivers Pathans are always there to take you to the Lake as they are expert in driving on complex hilly tracts.










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