Sadequain – The world famous Painter, Writer and Calligrapher


The complete name of internationally recognized artist was Syed Sadequain Ahmed Naqvi. He was commonly known as Sadequain Naqqash. He had extraordinary skills of a calligrapher and a painter. There has not been any parallel to him in the field of Calligraphy and painting in Pakistan. He was born in 1930 in a family of calligraphers. He was an active member of Progressive Writers and Artists Movement. Husain Shaheed Suharwardy was the person who played a vital role in bringing Sadequain on the forefront. He got huge appreciation for his great calligraphic style from all corners of world and especially from South Asia.
The first exhibition of his art was held in Quetta. More than thirty five of his murals are adorning the walls of Free Hall Karachi, Lahore Museum, Punjab University, Mangla Dam, Aligarh Muslim University, State Bank of Pakistan, Abu Dhabi Power House and Banaras Hindu University. More than seven thousand square feet area is covered by the paintings of Sadequain in Islamic Institute of Delhi. 1n 1950 Sadequain painted murals at his early stage of career at PIA Headquarters and Jinnah Hospital.1n 1961 he painted a gigantic mural cover 62'x10' at the head office of State Bank of Pakistan in Karachi, the title was "Treasure of Time|. This mural shows the transition period of progress and human development made from Greek era passing on to chemists and mathematicians of Middle East up to 20th century laureates. Entrance hall of the Lahore Museum has also been painted by Sadequain which is a master piece of the art. "Quest of Knowledge" mural has been placed in the library of Punjab University.
His thinking was of a Dervesh and he hardly ever sold his work and mostly gave it away or it was stolen. He mostly pointed out human sufferings through his paintings. Quranic Calligraphy was his strong area where he showed his talent effectively. He is the person who worked most for the renaissance of Islamic Calligraphy especially in Pakistan. 
He was also invited by the French government to depict the famous novel "The Stranger" through his paintings. Sadequain also worked to portray the poetry of Faiz, Iqbal and Ghalib. He wrote numerous quartets about social and cultural misconceptions and got them published.
Sadequain died naturally at the mere age of 57 on February 10, 1987. Even at his death his painting were stolen by his attendant. He was buried in Sakhi Hassan graveyard.








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