Who is Responsible for the Death of Innocent School Going Children?


The heartrending incident in which 17 school going toddlers and their teacher were pushed to death in the Gujrat School Van Cylinder blast just because of the negligence of the school van driver. In fact, only the driver is not responsible, the whole system is responsible for this tragic incident. In Pakistan no one cares for the human lives and is working without any safety measures or safety precautions. Has any school bothered to check that what is the standard of the transport vehicles which carry the children from school to their homes? Are their vehicles fit to perform this responsible duty? The lives of the children and teachers going in these school vans are always at stake.

Almost everyday everyone sees the scene that children are hanging outside of the van and the van is fully overloaded and is swaying from one side to another. This is the care of the young innocent lives and future builders of the nation. After 65 years of independence we are still ignorant and uncivilized. Actually this is the responsibility of the parents, school management and above all the government to check and ensure that the public and school transport is up to the standards and safe for the travel.

The loss of human life is irreparable and cannot be compensated in any way. We cannot judge the pain and agony of those parents whose young and innocent children die in tragic incidents just because of the negligence of all the stake holders. After any tragic incident we cannot escape from our responsibility by saying that it was the WILL of the God. Allah has set the responsibility over us to protect the human life by using all the means. We hope that the new government will take care of these school transport mafia and will bind them to adopt the standard safety rules to prevent the loss of further innocent lives.







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