Rawalpindi – The Identity of Pothohar Region



Rawalpindi is the real identity of Pothohar region. The city is closely linked with Pakistan's capital Islamabad and for this very reason the two cities are called twin cities. The number of Rawalpindi is 4th with respect to Population after Karachi , Lahore, Faisalabad. Rawalpindi is counted in those cities whose population increased rapidly from 180,000 at the time of creation of Pakistan to more than 4.5 million in 2007. The area of Rawalpindi is about 108.8 square kilometers. It also holds as the military HQ of Pakistan Armed Forces.
Not many people know that Rawalpindi was named after Raja Pindi. There are a number of shopping centers and Bazaars in Rawalpindi and the most famous of them is Raja bazaar. It is situated between The Mall and the old city. The Pakistan Army Museum is also there due to its position of being the Army HQ.
In Parks and places of interest The Ayub National Park is foremost which is located on Jhelum Road. it is stretched on 2300 acres having a Playland, lake and boating facility a garden restaurant and an aquarium. There is Rawalpindi Public park which is located on Murree Road. Jinnah park was opened in 2008 and is very popular among the residents of Rawalpindi. This park has a modern cinema named as Cinepax, an outlet of McDonalds and a branch of Metro Cash and Carry. People from far and near come here even from other cities to enjoy form the latest facilities available here. In the middle of 2012 a 3D Cinema was set up called The Arena in Bahria Town. This cinema can accommodate 264 people.
Another notable thing about Rawalpindi is that the 80% population is literate. Languages like Urdu, English, Saraiki, Hindko, Dhani and Pahari are spoken and understood in the region but Urdu is the mainstream language.
There are educational institutions like Pir Mehr Ali Shah, Arid Agriculture University, Army Medical College, College of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering and Military College of Signals and a large number of private schools and some government schools.
Sheikh Rasheed (renowned politician, Shoaib Akhter (cricketer) belong to the city along with many other notable personalities.
As far as the media is concerned the tv channels like ATV, Oxygene TV, K2 Tv, Lights Asia, Apna Channel, City 51, Pahariwood Network have been established in Rawalpindi.  
As far as political importance is concerned Rawalpindi will always have a strong position on the scene of Pakistani Politics after Lahore and Islamabad.










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