Quetta – The City of hot food and Fruits


When you think about Quetta, the first feeling which comes into mind is freezing cold and extreme chill. Yes, it is so in winter but the weather here has extreme variations too. In summer it can go up to 42 degree centigrade. In winter it can come down to minus 10 degree centigrade. Quetta is known as the Fruit Garden of Balochistan due to the great varieties of fruits and plants found in the region alongside the wildlife too. Quetta is located at the altitude of 5500ft above the sea level and it can be said an only major city of Pakistan found at such a high altitude.
It is very close to Durand Line Border linking with Aghanistan and closely located in Kahndhar Province. Quetta serves as a trade route to Afghanistan and communications of trade and other activities take place through this city. As far as the strategic position of Quetta from the military point of view is concerned it holds great importance. This city is located on the route of Bolan Pass which once served the only door leading to and from South Asia.
Brahvi and Pashto languages are spoken in the area.
The history of the Quetta leads towards Kasi Tribe Pashtun tribe in the past which once inhabited here. Sultan Mahmud Ghaznavi captured Quetta in the 11th century. Sufis played their great role in getting the local population converted to Islam. Mughal emperor Humayun left his son Akbar in the city while going to Safavid Persia.. British occupied and made Quetta the part of British Colonial empire in 1876 and Robert Sandeman was made the political representative of Balochistan. With the arrival of British the development took place and road and rail links were established here which are still functional.
Animals like Markhor (Wild Shep), Hyena, Wolves, Porcupines and wild cats are found in the Quetta region. In birds partridges, shikra, pigeon, warblers, golden eagle, falcons and bearded vultures can be seen there.
In places of interest the Hanna lake is at the top and the Hazarganji Chiltan National Park is also of interest for the tourists and vacationers. The Quetta Museum situated on Sariab Road also attracts the visitors, it has variety of fossils and rocks which have been got from Balochistan region.
In Festivals Buzkashi is celebrated by local Pashtuns in which a two horse riders try to snatch a goat from each other.
In food Balochi Saji and other Balochi Tribal delicious foods are available. The tribal cuisine Roash or Namkeen gosht is also found in abundance.
Now a days Quetta is in the grip of terrorism and separatist elements. There are target killings on linguistic basis. There is a political turmoil but there is a hope that with the next general elections things will be much better in the start of 2013.









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