President Mamnoon Hussain – A brief introduction and history


President Mamnoon Hussainborn on 23rd December, 1940 is 73 years old and belongs to an Urdu speaking family. His family migrated to Pakistan in 1949 two years after the partition of India and creation of Pakistan. He holds the degree of Business Administration which he got from IBA (Institute of Business Administration) Karachi.

When Mamnoon Hussain was chosen by Nawaz Sharif to be the 12thPresident of Pakistan replacing Asif Ali Zardar, the news came as a surprise in the political circles because there were much stronger candidates in the queue like Sardar Mahtab Abbassi and Ghaus Ali Shah who had been rendering their services for PML for decades and were counted in senior most politicians. But it might be the humble and submissive nature of Mamnoon Hussain which became the key reason for his appointment on the slot of President of Pakistan. As Nawaz Sharif seems to be in no mood to take any risk for any type of opposition in the implementation of his policies. The President of Pakistan post is, however, of only a ceremonial nature while all the powers are rested with the Prime Minister after all the amendments in the constitution of Pakistan and elimination of the clause 58-2B where President can overthrow the elected prime minister and dissolve the Assemblies.

Mamnoon Hussain is basically a successful Businessman in the field of Textiles and has been the president of Karachi Chamber of Commerce.

Mamnoon Hussain has also served briefly as Governor of Sindh in 1999 but his tenure was cut short by the 1999 coup by General Musharraf. President Mamnoon's family is also said to be related with Shoe making industry.

Because Mr Hussain belongs to Sindh, PML-N has also succeeded to fight the allegation that the president should not be from Punjab. It is the loyalty of Mamnoon Hussain with Sharif family during hard and tough times which has become a reason to carry him to the topmost slot.






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