Poor people of Pakistan

Begger on Footpath-Lahore

In the above photo a poor old man is sitting on footpath and begging. Seeing that, Pakistan is a Third World country, where people are suffering from poverty, hunger, and poor health, people are also deprive of human rights.
Meanwhile, Pakistan’s economy is under developing and its Population is increasing rapidly as well as price of goods are rising day by day, inflation rate is so high.
According to a survey people are living under poverty earning 4000/5000 per month which is very hard for them to survive. Many people are facing adverse circumstance, therefore sometimes people start begging including men, women, childs, You can find them on roads, streets, markets, although some beggars are really needy but some people undertake begging as their profession they are called ‘professional baggers’.
The Government should make Law to stop beggary and in the meantime the Government should also give opportunity to everyone for adequate earning.

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