PML-N Government- A reflection from different phases of History


Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz)or PML(N) has emerged as the largest political party in recent general elections of Pakistan and secured 186 seats in National assembly. The party is headed by Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif who is also the running prime minister of Pakistan.

PML(N) has its stronghold in Punjab, though it has its representation in Balochistan, Sindh, KPK and Gilgit Baltistan. This is the only party which got the two third majority votes in general elections of 1997.

Little History: PML(N) was actually formed when Pakistan Muslim League which was headed by Muhammad Khan Junejo split into two parts. One part was governed by Fida Muhammed Khan and the then Chief minister of the province of Punjab Mian Nawaz Sharif and the other part was headed by Muhammad Khan Junejo. Pakistan Muslim League (N) was founded in 1988 under the leadership of Fida Muhammad Khan and Nawaz Sharif became its Secretary General. In 1988 elections PML-N participated as part of Islami Jamhoori Ittehad but got only 55 seat whereas PPP emerged as largest party and formed government but the government was sacked by the then President Ghulam Ishaq Khan in 1990 due to corruption and bad governance charges.

In 1993 PPP came into power while PML-N played its role as strong opposition. Many factors at that time played their role in weakening of PPP's government including corruption charges and murder of Murtaza Bhutto, separation of Murtaza Bhutto in politics, MQM's pressure and many other factors. Eventually Farooq Leghari dismissed Benazir's government and it was unexpected because Farooq Leghari was formerly on the side of PPP.

In 1997 PML-N again rose to power with two third majority. Owing to this majority PML-N government passed the Thirteenth and fourteenth amendments to Pakistan's constitution which stabilized the mandate of the government. PML-N government has the credit of launching six nuclear tests at the location of Chaghi in Balochistan despite the opposition by US and other western powers and fear of sanctions by US and UNO (Though it was also said that these tests were conducted due to immense pressure of people of Pakistan in response to India's nuclear tests and it had become mandatory for PML-N to test its nuclear assets to protect its goodwill). With the dismissal of Jahangir Karamat the then Chief of army and many other dismissals deteriorated the relations with Pak Army leadership.

At the last 1999 Coup played its final role in ousting Nawaz Sharif's government by General Pervez Musharraf and consequently Nawaz Sharif and his family had to go on exile to Saudi Arabia after being given pardon by Musharraf on the pressure of many Gulf and Western states. Although PML-N was a popular party but no noticeable protests were made by the people of Pakistan. PML-N was divided in to groups, the bigger one named as PML-Q including the dissenters.

In 2002 Elections PML-Q got power with the support of Pervez Musharraf and PML-N was headed by Javed Hashmi as his president and under chairperson Kalsoom Nawaz, the wife of Nawaz Sharif.

The tragic episode of LAL Masjid also occurred during the regime of PML-Q and also the murder of Nawab Akbar Bugti and announcement of emergency by Musharraff. 

As the result of 2008 elections PPP came into power after the exile of Musharraf to UK. PPP continued its government and completed its tenure filled with corruption  and bad governance charges with the support of PML-N leadership in Punjab and now again in 2013 PML-N has come to power. Although there are a large number of allegations of massive rigging and change of results in 2013 elections with the support of Pak Army and judiciary but the government is continuing under a huge pressure of stopping the drone attacks by USA challenging the integrity of Pakistan. The menace of dearness and record inflation is also a threat to PML-N's government. If the PML-N government fails to deliver and fulfill its promises made in Election campaigns, it will be very difficult for it to complete the tenure. But if the government succeeds to overcome these challenges it is expected to complete its five years tenure.

PML-N participated in 1990 general elections under the leadership of Nawaz Sharif against PPP and Tehrik e Istaqlal and won the elections and Nawaz Sharif became prime minister. MQM also emerged as the third largest party with 15 seats in national Assembly. Nawaz Sharif's government was also dismissed by Ghulam Ishaq Khan owing to the pressure mounted on him due to policies of Nawaz Sharif related to Privatization and money exchange and foreign exchange laws. Although Sharif got restored his government through Supreme Court but again he had to resign due to the pressure of Pak Army's leadership.

Although PML-N has many merits like being a right centered Party matching with the ideology of Pakistan and has done the road and communication network projects especially in Lahore and central Punjab and has the credit of launching nuclear tests in return to India’s blasts and many schemes like yellow cab, laptop, Ashiana housing, Danish Schools and Sasti Roti schemes, but there are many reservations like lack of sustainable and long term projects in benefits of Public like construction of big dams and redress of energy crisis and law and order issues and consistent agreement to USA’s and IMF policies, failure to stop drone attacks, inflation, favoritism and one family politics etc.

Lastly if PML-N succeeds to overcome its weakness and benefit from its majority in National assembly and use the resources in overcoming all the aforesaid crisis, it may win the hearts of People and complete smoothly its five year tenure.




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