Pictures of Village Life in Pakistan

Village_LifeVillage life is said to be very peaceful and fresh. Inhabitants of village are very simple and pure; they are free from all the busy schedules urban people face. They enjoy their lives and eat pure food and breathe in fresh clean air. There is greenery, water places and beautiful little clean homes in the village. Every village has its own rituals and customs. They celebrate several festivals and have fun! Different villages have their own songs and traditional dancing style which they do on their weddings and special occasions. To ride on a donkey is must if you happen to go to any village.Village_LifeThe male members of the family ride tractors along with trailers and work on the fields, the women carry water from the water place and store it in a gharra and then take it to their homes. Children play with mud and tyres, enjoying every moment with their friends and family.Village_Life

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