Pics of Dr. Shaista Wahidi

Dr. Shaista Wahidi is a renowned TV anchor. She has been on television screen for a while. Recently she joined Geo Television network. She hosts the program Geo Morning which is now renamed as "Utho Jago Pakistan". In her first program she invited her family members on TV. The talk with the family of Dr. Shaista Wahidi was liked by the viewers to a great extent. She said that the change was necessary in life and she joined the Geo Television network with the same thought and she was a new member of the Geo Television network. She said that every change takes a person towards betterment and innovation. Every morning Shaista Wahidi who is also a doctor engages the viewers with the virtue of her magical personality and her impressive style of hosting. She makes new and innovative changes in her every episode.
In a recent program she jumped to an entirely new style and went to a graveyard with two or three persons and a cameraman to stand under a tree (considered to be haunted by people). She passed a considerable time there around 11 PM and returned unharmed. Though it may not be liked by some religious circles who believe that women should not visit the graveyards and especially at night.
She is giving every time a new look to her program, she invites celebrities and even hosts marriage functions and sometimes invites a number of people and creates an air of a function or family gossip. She prefers to highlight the problems of women in our society and arranges to invite crippled, downtrodden and oppressed women and highlights their problems. She even caters to solve the issue related to pregnant women and gives the solutions to their everyday life as she is a doctor also.

She is expected to leave a good mark on the profession of anchoring and hosting and continues to be liked by the people.

Dr Shaista Wahidi

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  • Mir Asmat Baaloch

    so sweet u r DR shaesta wahidi