Pharmacy is a life saving profession but the role of pharmacist in Pakistan remains undervalued and underrated. As new changes are ignited in every field and aspect of society, pharmacy profession is starting to embrace the desired importance and fame. Previously pharmacy profession was limited to micro level activities like dispensing and management of medicines and health promotion only, but recently they are gaining attention for wider public health issues such as prevention and control programs, problems like disease outbreaks etc.
Nowadays concerns like outbreaks of diseases due to bomb blasts and terrorism or emergencies caused by disasters need provision of medicines, treatments, vaccinations to a great number of people in very less time. This complex situation can be overcome by close collaboration of community pharmacists and doctors and other health care professionals. Community pharmacists are well trained individuals that are capable of providing public health services, preventive health services and vaccination services. Pharmacists have capacity to carry out screening programs that enhance therapeutic interventions in diseases like Diabetes, Hypertension and Hyperlipidemia etc.
Participation of pharmacist in public health services is cardinal and primary and in order to achieve considerable improvement in health status of people of our country there is a dire need to enhance the role and participation of pharmacists. There is an urgent need to include pharmacist in macro level public health activities. Such activities involve; investigating health problems, developing policies that supports prevention programs, educating public on health issues, managing health promotion programs, conducting research and evaluation of public health activities. Provision of incentives for the pharmacists to carry out such activities and recognition of pharmacy as a fundamental and life saving profession is an urgent need of an hour. Support of government, policy makers and decision makers is desperately needed to bring pharmacy and public health together.
“Pharmacy is not only a profession but it is a passion to save the lives of hundreds.” (Anonymous)
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