Pakpattan – The City of Baba Fareed Ganj Shakar (Rahmatullah Allaih)



The fame of Pakpattan is directly linked with the shrine of Hazrat Baba Fareed Ganj Shakar (Rahamatullah Allaih). Pakpattan city comes under the Sahiwal Division in the province of Punjab. Pakpattan is actually one of the oldest cities of Pakistan. The border of neighboring country of India is less than 50 kilometers away from it. The provincial capital of Punjab Lahore is just 184 kilometers away from Pakpattan.
The former name of the city is Ajudhan. It was captured by Timur, the mughal emperor in 1398 but he out of respect for the saint's shrine did not harm the inhabitants of the city.
In the past Pakpattan was renowned for its production of oil seeds, cotton and wheat and it imported many commodities from the neighboring areas like white sugar from Amritsar and Jullundur and fruit in bulk from Afghanistan. Locally silk lungis and lacquer-work are manufactured here.
The Urs (Annual Commemoration of the Saint) is celebrated by the devotees of the saint every year in the month of Muharram (first month of Islamic Calendar) in Pakpattan and that is perhaps the greatest symbol of the city and the people from far and near and even from outside the country come to pay homage to the saint.






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