Pakistan Air Force (PAF) – Second to None

Pakistan Air Force (Pak Fiza’ya) is the air arm of Pakistan Armed Forces, its primary role is aerial defence of Pakistan and its secondary role is to support to the Pakistan Army and Pakistan Navy. Apart from its major responsibilities, PAF provides strategic air transport and logistics capability to Pakistan.


Founder of the Pakistan Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah gave the primary mission statement of the PAF during his address to the passing out cadets of the PAF Academy Risalpur on April 13, 1948, i.e. “A country without a strong air force is at the mercy of any aggressor, Pakistan must build up its own Air Force as quickly as possible, it must be an efficient Air Force, second to none. ”

History of Pakistan Air Force


On 14th August 1947, the Royal Pakistan Air Force (RPAF) was established with the independence of Pakistan from British India. Total strength of RPAF was 2,332 at that time, a fleet of 16 Hawker Typhoon fighters, 24 Tempest II fighter – bombers, 2 Auster aircraft, 2 H.P.57 halifax bombers, ten Havilland tiger moth biplanes, and 12 North American Harvard trainers. On 23 March 1956 prefix Royal was removed when Pakistan gained the status of Republic, since than we called it Pakistan Air Force (PAF).

During last few years Pakistan’s significance with reference to War on Terror increased to the large extent, the Western European countries and the United States lifted their defense related sanctions on Pakistan, this opportunity enable Pakistan to once again seek advanced Western military hardware.  Since the lifting of sanctions, Pakistan Air Force is active in evaluating potential military hardware, such as land based air-defense systems, radars, new fighter planes etc.

Multi-role Light Combat Aircraft JF-17


The advanced multi-role light combat aircraft JF-17 fighter aircraft was inducted in the Pakistan Air Force a few months ago, this fighter plan was jointly developed by Chengdu China and Pakistan Aeronautical Complex. Now there is good news for the nation that the production facilities have been setup in Pakistan for the production of such an advanced aircraft. This cost-effective and advanced aircraft can easily meet the tactical and strategic needs of the Pakistan Air Force. The aircraft already manufactured are equipped with the Pakistani/Chinese avionics and missiles, while upcoming aircraft will be equipped with more advanced missiles and radars. The Pakistan Air Force also plans to induct some Chengdu FC-20 fighters and Chengdu J-10 by 2015.

F-17 Thunder Fighter Unveiled in Pakistan

Pakistan Air Force Best Song

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