Muzaffarabad, The Scenic City of Pakistan


Muzaffarabad is a scenic city of Pakistan which holds the importance as the capital of Azad Kashmir. Mystic rivers Jhelum and Neelum flow on the side of this City. Its location is very interesting as on the west lies the Province of KP (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and on the east its boundaries meet the Indian-held Kashmir's districts Baramulla and Kupwara.

District Neelum of Azad Kashmir falls on the north. As the results of a projected estimate in 1999 its population had reached almost 0.8 Million. Very few people may know that the city has been named after Sultan Muhammad Muzaffar Khan, who is the first most member of the Banu-Ummayyad (Bamba) clan in that region. This family holds the importance of ruling Muzaffarabad for quite a period spanning over hundreds of years.
It is just 138 Kilometers away from Rawalpindi and Islamabad. A motorway connects Islamabad and Muzzaffarabad which helps in the increase of trade and other purposeful activities. Many languages are spoken in the region and the main language is a flavor of Potohari and Pahari Languages. Other languages include Majhi, Chhachi and Gojri diversions of Punjabi language and Kashmiri Language. Urdu, Balti and Shina are also spoken and understood in the region.
The earlier name of Muzaffarabad was Udabhanda which is related to the Shahi or Devanagari Dynasty dating back to 565-670CE. Muzaffarabad was the epicenter of the earthquake which shook whole northern areas of Pakistan. This earthquake occurred in 8th October, 2005 which had a magnitude of 7.6 on the Richter Scale. It played the havoc with this and other adjoining areas and resultantly there was a huge loss of buildings and human lives. The death toll exceeded 100,000 according to an estimate. Many countries took part in the humanitarian activities for a considerable period and supported their Pakistani brethren.
Places to visit in Muzaffarabad are Red and Black Forts. The Red Fort was constructed by Sultan Muzaffar in 1646. Sultani Mosque is another famous place to visit.
The famous valleys in Muzaffarabad include Chickar, Jhelum, Kutla, Leepa, Neelum, Awan Patti, Bugna Kairabad, Darakoiti, and Pirchinassi and Nakar Fatot.
The two tehsils of the city are Muzaffarabad and Naseerabad which is also called Pattika.
Famous personalities include Maulana Muhammed Younas Asri (Late) who was the founder of Markazi Jammiat Ahl-e-Hadees of Azad Jammu Kashmir, Muhammed Iqbal Qureshi, Professor Mahboob ur Rehman Kayani.
Muzaffarabad has a very pleasant climate and scenic mountains and valleys and one should must visit this historic place as the splendid view of the nature is always waiting for the people there.
Muzaffarabad Peer Chanasi
Muzaffarabad peer Chanasi
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