Most Beautiful Picture of Khana Kaba

Most Beautiful Picture of Khana Kaba

The Kaba is the sacred building towards which Muslims turn their faces five times a day,in prayer. It was done by Allah respecting the desire of his beloved and holy prophet Muhammed (Peace be upon him).

This holy Kaba was constructed and reconstructed by different prophets from Adam, Ibrahim, Ismail and Muhammed (Peace be upon all).

The Size of the Kaba:

Currently the height of the Kaba is 39 feet, 6 inches and it is summed up to  627 square feet.

The inside space of the Kaba is 13X9 meters. The width of the Kaba's walls is 1 meter. The height of the inside floor is 2.2 meters from the ground where the people perform their Tawaf.

The roof and ceiling are two levels made from  wood. The wood material used is teak which has been capped with stainless steel.

All the walls are made of stone. The inside stones  are unpolished, while the outside ones are polished.

Another name of Kaba is Bait ul Ateeq- the meaning of which is earliest and ancient.
The Kaba has been reconstructed up to 12 times
The measurements of the Kaba constructed by Prophet Ibrahim (Peace be upon him)is as follows:

-the eastern wall was about 48 feet and 6 inches
-the Hateem side wall was about 33 feet
-the side between the Hajr-e-Aswad (black stone) and the Yemeni corner was 30 feet
-the Western side was about 46.5 feet

The incident of placement of Hajre Aswad occured before Hazrat Muhammed (peace be upon him) became the prophet, during the reconstruction of Kaba, the four tribes were about to fight with each other, everyone wanted to place the Hajre Aswad , then it was the memorable time when Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him) gave a historic solution. He placed the stone on a sheet and asked the heads of four tribes to hold each corner of sheet and carry it to the wall of Kaaba and then he himself placed the black stone in the wall.
A lot of space is required to write about the Kaaba, as it has a rich and long history. This will continue to be a cherished and sacred place for all the Muslims all over the world.

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