Media and Extremism

I believe in the freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom of media, gender equality and freedom of being given equal opportunities but here I give a pause and go back into time when the whole family including Mom, dad, sons, daughters, cousins etc. used to sit together and watch the TV programs and enjoyed much to their satisfaction. A slight contact between a male and female character in a TV program or movie was considered a huge and unexpected event. But now what to speak of the movies or dramas, even the commercials are not worthwhile to be seen together by a family who believes in fundamental social ethics.


I am not an extremist and always condemn the harsh and violent behaviors, but, can one not see the extremism going on in the electronic media. We are Muslims and we can not deny it and we have to have a balance between extremism and fundamentalism. TV dramas revolve around nothing else than love stories and looks given by the boys and girls characters and romantic dialogues. TV commercials are being supported by Mujra type dances of long duration. For God's sake what we are giving to our young generation, we are encouraging them to use the overnight packages of telecommunication companies and waste their time and energies in chatting with their boy or girl friends, and if one is not indulged in these activities so far, he or she thinks seriously to have a boy or girl friend first and then destroy his or her entire energies in these futile activities.


I must say that if we fail now to have a balance between the freedom and unrestricted freedom we are certainly inclined to step towards a bigger catastrophe.
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