May 1, The day to Recognize the Sacrifices of World Laborers in Urdu

Labor Day is celebrated every year on 1st May to commemorate the historical struggle of the labor class of Chicago for their rights including 8 hours working schedule and other legitimate provisions by the employers. During their struggle and protests many laborers were fired on and killed and many were sentenced to death in a false case of Haymarket Event, Chicago in which some unknown person threw a bomb on the police contingents.

Chicago laborers gathering

There was no clue that who threw the bomb rather flashes of gun came from the Police side, but many persons were arrested randomly and 8 of them were handed over death sentence. Four of them were hanged on November 11, 1887; one of them committed suicide in prison and three of them were pardoned in 1893 on the basis of finding no proof  against them, Ironically the persons hanged were also penalized without any proof.

Labor Monument

On one hand there was a huge majority of poor laborers and against them was the business class with their own vested interests along with the cruel government regime.

Karachi Labour unions

Now the International Workers' Day or the Laborers' Day celebrated, is the right commemoration of the Haymarket Event of Chicago in 1886 and to protest against the aggression and brutality of the American Regime and Business Mafia of that time.

Women labour

With the efforts of Chicago laborers and subsequent struggle of poor laborer class in whole the world the timing was fixed as 8 hours and certain laws were legislated to give due rights to hard working class of every society.

Pakistan Labour

A poet has rightly said about laborers’ life:

So Jatay Hain Footpath Pe Akhbaar Bicha Kar,

Mazdoor Kabhi Neend Ki Goli Nahi Khatay,

Aik mazdoor ko kabhi bhi neend ki goli nahi khani parti. Wo itni mahnat karta hai kay sham ko thak kar meethi neend so jata hai, aur aisi neend to badshahon ko bhi naseeb nahi hai. Pakistan kay Shahar Lahore main Bakhtiar Hall kay nam say aik imarat maujood hai jahan mazdooron kay haqooq kay liyay kam karnay walay jama hotay hain aur seminar munaqad kiyay jatay hain.

Haymarket Riot commemoration

According to an estimate total number of Pakistan's labor force is more than 57.2 million, which makes it the ninth largest country in ratio of available human workforce.  Roughly 43% of this labor is used in agriculture, 20.3% in industry and the remaining force which is 36.6% in used in other services.

Chicago monument

The working condition for the labor working in Pakistan is not very good and often their rights are not fully paid. Child labor is also a stigma. Trade unions and federations are always raising their voice but to no avail. Minimum labor should be increased to a satisfactory level which could enable a laborer to meet his family’s basic needs. Pakistan extensively exports much of its labor to nearby Persian Gulf countries of the Middle East.

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